Ajaz Khan Pleads Innocence In the Starlet’s Case

An FIR for  outraging of a woman’s modesty was registered against former Bigg Boss contestant Ajaz Khan.

In the complaint a starlet calling herself Aishwarya Choubey accuses Ajaz of sending her improper messages and picture.

But Khan pleads innocence and accuses the accuser of using his name.

Says Ajaz, “I  am really saddened. I am being made into a punching bag .I met this girl at a party through an actor-friend Javed Rizvi (who was in the film Lakeer Ka Fakeer with me) .That’s it.I’ve nothing more to do with her. If this is the way one gets re-paid for being kind to a stranger then I’d advise all actors to not even say hello to newcomers out of kindness.”

Ajaz goes on to reveal that the lady has posted a video on youtube claiming she is the new Aishwarya in SalmanKhan’s career , that she met Salman’s dad who  was “shocked” when he heard her name and that she will soon be co-starring with Salman.

(This writer checked out the video and it indeed has Ms Aishwarya Choubey claiming to be Salman Khan’s future co-star).

Concludes Ajaz, “This is a clear case  of a girl getting carried away by her ambitions. I feel sorry for her.”

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