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Ajaz Khan: “Rahul Is A dangerous Man…Hang The Person Who Did This To Pratyusha”


Actor reality-show contestant Ajaz Khan is never short of words. He has now come out with a revelation in the tragic death of tv actress Pratyusha Banerjee that sheds a completely different light on the matter.

Says Ajaz, “I was the first to speak out against Pratyusha’s boyfriend Rahul Raj Singh. All her other friends were terrified of speaking against him. Everyone knows he is a dangerous man. But  one can’t hide the truth just because it is  risky. And the truth is, this man has done wrong.If Pratyusha’s parents want him hanged then he should be hanged.”

Continues Ajaz, “The girl has paid a heavy price for being in love. Pratyusha deserves justice. I am not saying all this to gain publicity. I genuinely care for what has happened to the girl. Whoever is responsible for her death must be punished.”

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