Akira Finds Sonakshi Sinha Turning Into Salman

She , and we, had it coming. The feisty and exceedingly enthusiastic Sonakshi Sinha always had a [tooltip id="4db8f5608d45f5de7881d9bce162f4bf"]Salman Khan">">[/tooltip] within her waiting to be released. Barring  Lootera, all the Sonakhi starrers so far see Shatrughan Sinha’s indefatigable daughter putting up an aggressive he-man act in in  she-man’s  clothes.

In her debut Dabangg Salman Khan">">[/tooltip] wore the khaki uniform. But it was Sonakshi who wore the pants in the relationship. The tendency to act unreasonably aggressive continued in Rowdy Rathod and more recently in Action Jackson and Tevar.

Now with Akira Sonakshi Sinha finally gets to play Salman Khan. The cool dude who is your affable neighbour and do-gooder until you rub him the wrong way…Then he explodes with a lot of ironic attitude wherein he is almost sorry for being twice as strong as all his opponents put together.

Nothing here to get excited about except that Akira is  of the feminine gender. In all other details this could any action film with Salman Khan in the lead taking on the city goon played this time by, hold your breath, AnuragKashyap.

Whoever though of this casting coup deserves a National award for  progressive thinking.

I mean, for a filmmaker who specializes in drawing out the diabolic in his characters screen vallainy is just a hop skip and jump away.  Kashyap gets a lot of screen time in the trailer of Akira. He aims to be menacing. But I wasn’t really intimidated by him the way I was by Pradeep Singh Rawat in Murugadoss’ Ghajini.

While Aamir  Khan with his beefed-up torso and short-term memory loss in Ghajini seemed to suggest a haunting need for vendetta, Sonakshi Sinha plays Akira as a shrieking loud tantrum thrower who , we must believe, can cow down bullies on her college campus as well as the goons on the prowl outside the Establishment.

Inexcuably the talented Konkona Sen Sharma is cast in a supporting role as a cop . She tries to bring a certain credibility and conviction into her lawful space. But clearly outlawry is the ruling methodology in Murugadoss’ kingdom.We still haven’t forgotten how gruesome and brutal Ghajini was. Asin being bludgeoned to death was the worst atrocity committed against a woman in Hindi cinema.

In Akira Murugadoss makes amends. The heroine is not a victim. She is a perpetrator of mayhem. That , according to twisted laws of gender equality in our films, makes her  a hero .

Akira makes the same mistake as many other commercial Hindi films with the female actor in the lead.  The film equates brute power with gender equality.By showing Akira beating up a bunch of adversaries she is supposed to get gender-upgraded, on a par with the male species. Taali!

Significantly Akira is  a remake of a Tamil film Mouna Guru where the protagonist was played by a male actor. Clever Murugadoss makes the protagonist undergo a sex change in the Hindi remake.

But honestly I can’t tell any difference between what the Tamil actor Arulnidhi did in the original and what seeSonakshi doing in the trailer of Akira.

By giving the heroine meanness and muscles you can’t change the patriarchal mindset of the filmmaker or prevent the woman  from being objectified . Murugadoss thinks female empowerment flows out of the fist.

Little does he know.


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