Akshay Kumar: Family holidays are when I work my hardest!


Akshay Kumar  is just back from a holiday .He tells Subhash K Jha why holidays are ‘exhausting’but mandatory, and what keeps him going.

You’ve been holidaying for a month now. How rewarding, rejuvenating has this vacation been for you?

Rewarding like you couldn’t believe! I learnt so much more about my daughter Nitara, being able to spend 24/7 with her, not just having to take her to school I’ve now seen how she handles everyday encounters.She fascinates me progressively every day.

You sound like a besotted father?

I am completely under my daughter’s  spell. My son Aarav too is the greatest person on earth to spend every waking moment with. I’m struggling to stay unemotional as my son is not with me right now.He’s training in London on a camp that would make most boys weep. As for feeling rejuvenated, you’ve got to be kidding, family holidays are when I work my hardest

 Do you recommend family-time to all your colleagues in the film industry to ensure their domestic life remains stress-free?

I urge every working person on the planet to take time away from their jobs and spend quality time with their families. No, it doesn’t ensure a stress-free domestic life, that’s a myth.Holidays are stressful.But they are also the most important memories in any household.

Don’t you miss your work when you’re holidaying?

Work is work, it will always be there.But your family can’t wait around forever for you to be free of work.Cherish the moments while your wife still fancies you, your kids still idolize you and  your’re  still young enough to climb every mountain they can find. Don’t wait until it’s too late, time waits for no one.

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