Akshay Kumar Fee A Whopping 40 Crores, Walks Away With PadMan’s Major Profits

The co-producers of PadMan, Sony Pictures and KriArj Films who collaborated with Akshay Kumar’s wife to produce the  film, are not really laughing all the way to the  bank. The film has earned  boxoffice revenues of approximately 70 crore rupees of which  40crores was the  film’s budget. That  leaves KriArj and Sony Pictures with  a profit-sharing edge of around Rs 30 crores.

 But  the major share  of  the profits  goes to the leading man Akshay Kumar.

 How?  In  lieu of a fixed remuneration Akshay asked and got the digital and satellite rights  of PadMan.

Says a source in the know, “This basically means that Akshay goes home with a clean 40 crores. Apparently this will be Akshay’s mode of accepting payment for all his assignments  in future.”

So while the  producers  look at  the  vagaries  of  the boxoffice  for profits Akshay Kumar is certain to walk away  with  a fortune for each of his films.

A CEO of a corporate  producing house laments the star mafia in Bollywood, “A handful of A-list actors are controlling every aspect of a film’s making , from its leading lady to its music and even the final editing. As  far as their fee is  concerned, they walk away with the satellite/television rights leaving the producers with only the profit-margin from theatrical release.Yash Raj Films refused to work within the above pay scheme.But now , Salman Khan got satellite/television rights from Yash Raj before he  agreed to finally do films for them.”

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