Akshay Kumar Gets  A Panic Attack, Prepones Padman By A Day

R Balki’s eagerly awaited Pad Man has suddenly  got a  new release date. Instead  of  January  26 it will now release  on  January 25.

So what happened?

 According to a  source  very close to the film the normally unruffledAkshay Kumar, whose wife Twinkle turns producer with Pad Man got rattled by the Padmavat(i) factor.

 Says  the source, “Akshay heard the rumour floating in  the trade about Padmavati  now censored and rechristened Padmavat , being released  on January 26Akshay immediately called  an emergency meeting of his team and  decided to prepone his release, his reasoning—and a correct one at that—being that at least Pad  Man would have the intial advantage during the Republic Day weekend.”

   While Pad Man readies for a preponed  release, the reports  ofPadmavat(i)’s release  on January 26 remain unconfirmed  by the film’s producers.

According to  an  informed source it seems unlikely that Padmavatcan  release  in January.

“The  producers have not even  re-submitted the  film to the CBFCwith the changes .Then the whole new campaign with the  new title has  to be  initiated. January is unlikely, even February  is  a stretch,” says  the source.

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