Akshay Kumar In The Hindi Version Of Kanchana 2

Will He Do It In Spite Of The Moral  Incorrectness

Akshay Kumar is in a dilemma. He wants to do something wild and wicked. But his image of the social reformer comes in the way.Taking a break from his socially relevant mellow dramas Akshay Kumar is all set to star in his first horror film.

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The genre, not entirely unknown to Akshay as he had done Priyadarshan’s Bhool Bhulaiya, will now be explored fully by Akshay in a  Hindi remake of  Raghava Lawrence’s 2015 Tamil horror film Kanchana 2: Ganga.

The  remake  which will be directed by Raghava Lawrence will star Akshay in a  double role . Tapsee Pannu  who was the leading lady in the original will encore the leading lady’s part.

According to  sources Akshay wants to take  a break from his image of Mr Clean with a film where  he is still clean  but the genre is dark.

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