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Akshay Kumar On Prithviraj Chauhan



Prithviraj Chauhan

The impressively staged  battle sequences  in  Dr Chandraprakash Dwivedi’s eagerly awaited  historical Prithviraj as seen in the  teaser  released  on October  15, may remind you   of Ashutosh Gowariker’s  Jodhaa-Akbar and Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s  Bajirao Mastani.

But hell, after  a point all medieval  battles , like all soured marriages ,look   the same. Akshay Kumar seems steadily perched on that  galloping horse as he sweeps his bride-to-be  Sanyogita off  her feet.

‘Sanyogita’  Manushi Chillar does  look painfully young, and  heartbreakingly pretty. But that’s okay.  Back then a substantial age difference  between a husband and  wife was  acceptable.

Commenting  on  the  project  Akshay Kumar says, “The teaser of Prithviraj captures the soul of the film, the essence of the life of the legendary warrior Samrat Prithviraj  Chauhan who knew no fear.

This is our tribute to his heroism and his life. The more I read about him, the more I was awed by how he lived and breathed every single second of his glorious life for his country and his values.”

The actor who  has  Sanjay Dutt and Sonu Sood  for company in  Prithviraj , adds, “Prithviraj is a legend, he is one of the bravest warriors and he is one of the most upright kings that our country has ever seen.

We hope that Indians worldwide love our salute to this mighty braveheart. We have tried to present his life story in the most authentic way possible and the film is a homage to his unmatched bravery and courage.”

Prithviraj (2022)

A biopic on legendary Hindu warrior king “Prithviraj Chauhan” including his early military successes, love story with Sanyukta & clashes with Muhammad of Ghor, a ruler of the Muslim Ghurid dynasty who led the Islamic Conquest of Hindustan.
Akshay Kumar On Prithviraj Chauhan 33

Akshay Kumar

Prithviraj Chauhan
Akshay Kumar On Prithviraj Chauhan 34

Manushi Chhillar

Akshay Kumar On Prithviraj Chauhan 36

Manav Vij

Muhammad Ghori
Akshay Kumar On Prithviraj Chauhan 37

Sonu Sood

Kaimas Dahiya
Akshay Kumar On Prithviraj Chauhan 38

Ashutosh Rana

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