Akshay Kumar, Please Don’t Promote Smoking

Everyone who knows Akshay Kumar even remotely would know he leaves an addiction-free life: no late nights, no partying, no drinking  , no smoking.

So what is he doing dancing to a song as obnoxiously  hedonistic as Hookah bar?

That, for those who doped in late, was Akshay’s hit song with Himesh Reshammiya in a forgotten farce titled Khiladi 786. Now four years later Akshay was seen  dancing to the same hideously inappropriate track at a wedding with Ranveer Singh for company.The video went viral even in the dry states Gujarat and Bihar.

Political incorrectness comes naturally to Ranveer. But Akshay Kumar, the neo-Bharat Kumar of Bollywood who propagates values of patriotism and decency, whose heart bleeds for our soldiers and whose blood boils when women are molested, what exactly could prompt him to agree to dance at  a wedding(a patently indecent act of entertainment practised for some extra bucks by our stars) and that too crooning a song that endorses the intake of hookah fumes?

Do I need to tell an entertainer as enlightened as Akshay that much of the crimes committed against women is done under the influence of drugs and alcohol? And it may be very trendy to snort on the hookah in come circles.But baby, it’s not what a health-conscious athletic role  model of a celebrity should be singing and dancing to and about.

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