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Akshay Kumar Sets A Dialogue Coach



Akshay Kumar

 It is arguably  the  most challenging role of his career. Akshay Kumar is currently playing  the  12th century warrior-king Prithviraj Chauhan in  a film being directed by scholar-filmaker Chandraprakash Dwiwedi

A stickler  for authentic historic dramas, Dr Dwiwedi  is specially particular  about the spoken dialogues in his cinema. For this  purpose he has got a special dialogue coach on board  for Akshay Kumar .

 It may be  noted that dialogue delivery  has never been one  of Akshay’s strong  attributes as an  actor. So far his stardom and his  ability to seem convincing in every role have seen him through .

 Not this  time!

Says a  source in the know, “Both Aditya Chopra and  director Chandraprakash Dwiwedi felt Akshay needed  to work on  the dialogues to make  the character  look fully  credible,and Akshay agreed to do so for the  first time.”

No wonder  the soothsayers are already predicting a  National award for Akshay Kumar.

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