Akshay Kumar Trolled For Old ‘Pro-Pak’ Video

Akshay Kumar  was savagely trolled on Tuesday  for  an old video which shows him  speaking enthusiastically about his  fan-following  in Pakistan.

The  video is being  judged as anti-national.

 But the fact is, Akshay and  the other A-list superstars have a huge  fan base in Pakistan.

Shatrughan Sinha defends Akshay, “Firstly, this is an old video being circulated out of context to  pull him down. Having said that, the big superstars like  Akshay, Salman, Shah Rukh and Aamir do have  a large  fan following  in Pakistan.  Why shy away from  it?”

A  source  close to Akshay adds, “All these are attempts  to cut Akshay’s career down  to size. That he has repeatedly broken boxoffice  records without tampering with his clean image saysa lot about the  hold Akshay has  over his base.”

Reports  filtering in  from Akshay Kumar’s  team suggest that  the actor’s  next release Kesari, a period drama  about valour and strength  which is an extremely nationalistic  drama, would not  get a release  in  Pakistan.

Says a  friend of  Akshay, “The  kind of patriotic  cinema he  does  almost always raises eyebrows  in Pakistan.”

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