Akshay Kumar’s Laxmmi Bomb Accused Of Love Jihad(whatever that means)

A systematic campaign  to  downgrade Akshay Kumar’s latest release, seems to be going on  through the social media.Initially after  the trailer released     #BoycottLaxmmiBomb trended as  netizens reacting to  Akshay putting  out a video defending Bollywood  in  the Sushant Singh Rajput ,called  it  publicity for his film.

The film’s title Laxmmi Bomb  was  also accused  of insulting the Hindu religion by a smattering of  suspicious  voices.

And now  the  film is being accused of  promoting  ‘love  jihad’, the  strange coinage  of radical  elements  for Hindu-Muslim marriages. Going by the  film’s trailer Akshay Kumar plays a Muslim  character named Asif while  Kiara Advani  plays a Hindu  girl named  Priya. Hence….

Curiously  in the  original Tamil film  Kanchana in 2011  in which the  director RaghavaLawrence played  the  lead, his  name was Raghava!

Why has Raghavan transformed into Asif  in the remake?

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