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Akshay Kumar’s Shockingly Inappropriate Comment On Katrina

If you are Karan Johar and Akshay Kumar, you can get away  with anything. Or so it seems after watching Good Newzz, the posh year-end comedy from Johar’s Dharma  Production which casts Akshay Kumar and Kareena Kapoor Khan as a couple desperate to have a  child .

In a sequence  where Akshay’s character is  required  to  produce a semen sample, he calls up his screen wife Kareena to help  him with the  needful,.

“Talk dirty to me,” he commands  his wife.

When she cuts him  short saying she is interviewing Katrina(Kareena plays a  journalist)  Akshayquips, “If not  you, then put Katrina on the line.”

 Apparently Katrina, an old co-star  friend of  Kumar, was  informed about  the reference.

 But does that make  it right.

According to former chairperson of  the Central Board  Of Film Certification(CBFC) PahlajNihalani, the rules clearly state that there should be no reference to any persons living who are a  public figure, without their  official consent.

“I doubt the  CBFC  has received a  letter  from Katrina  giving her permission for her name to be used .It is therefore not  allowed,” says Nihalani.

But then Katrina is currently shooting with  Akshay for Sooryavansh,  probably pretending to  have a  good laugh over the risqué reference.And therein lies the problem with an  industry that worships power and  success even at the cost  of decency.

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