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Akshay Kumar’s Voting Controversy Is A Non-Issue



Whether he  is a  Canadian or an Indian citizen  is not the  issue.. The point here is, does  the fact  Akshay Kumar  didn’t vote make  him any less patriotic  than he would have been after  voting?

“No,” says a close friend  of  Akshay .  “He has never lied  about his nationality, never hidden  the fact that he has  a Canadian passport. By not being able to vote he doesn’t lose his right to make patriotic films. The  logic is absurd.”

Even more  absurd  is  the  uproar over Akshay’s silence on  the  issue.

Says a source  close to  Akshay, “It was one random  media  encounter on Tuesday after  the family screening of Akshay’s  wife’s nephew’s film(Blank).  Akshay  came out and was  answering  questions about how he liked  the film when  this (question on his  not voting)  was dropped on him. Akshay will speak on  the  issue  of his  voting rights. But not  randomly. He  needs  to evaluate  the situation and weigh every word.”

Sources close  to  Akshay say he’s  very distressed by  the controversy.

“He has been  upset since this non-issue was blown up. Many  of  Akshay’s well-wishers feel this controversy has  come up  because  of  his  interview with Narendra Modi  to undermine  his  credibility. To make  the people  feel  he was  unfit  for the  job(of interviewing the PM),” says  the  close friend.

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