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Akshay Pilots The Housefull Franchise, Says Producer Nadiadwala



“There  would no Housefull  series  without Akshay Kumar,” says  ultra-successful  producer  Sajid Nadiadwala whose films have a way of turning into goldmines  effortlessly.

Housefull 4 was roundly condemned  by many film critics. Nadiadwala  kept quiet. Today it is  being  counted  as  not only one of  the  highest grossing  films  of  the  year  but also  among the largest  moneyspinners  of Akshay Kumar’s  career.

 Nadiadwala in an  informal  conversation explains  how  much Akshay contributed  to the  gags  and jokes. “He was constantly working on his character, improvising  on his lines. He had  a ball playing the  evil Bala. He was  a hundred percent there. We cannot have a  Housefull  film without  him. It’s impossible.”

  The fifth  part  of  the Housefull  brand  is already being planned. However  reports that  the ever-ambitious  Nadiadwala plans to  cast in Housefull 5 all the  actors from all the  4 films in the Housefull  series  is  just speculative.

“We are  yet to script   Housefull 5. We  hope to crack  that soon. Only then will the casting be decided. But yes, Akshay Kumar and  Ritesh Deshmukh are  the  core cast of Housefull and they will continue  as such,” says Nadiadwala.

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