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Akshay Kumar’s Strange Double Role In Housefull 3


From one Sajid To another. While Sajid Nadiadwala is the constant producer of theHousefull franchise, another Sajid (Khan) directed the first two Housefull films.

Now the third Housefull film is ready for release, and it’s co-directed by another Sajid. The brothers Sajid-Farhad seem to have given the franchise a fresh feisty and altogether far-out farcical life. The film is rich in visuals, shot like the other Housefull  films, entirely in London. And the lines flow in a furious glow.

Akshay Kumar is back in the Housefull series, paired with his Brothers co-star Jacqueline Fernandes. Akshay plays a very different double role. He  is a guy named Sandy with a split personality. The doppelganger is named Sundy: obviously Akshay’s idea since he likes to call his friends by that name.

Jacqueline Fernandes is Sandy/Sundy’s shrink.And this is one helluva sexy shrink. Straightaway we can say Ms Fernandes moves her hips to Cyndi Lauper’s Girls just wanna have fun number better than Cyndi.

Jacqueline plays one of Boman Irani’s three….umm….sanskaari daughters who obviously like to walk on the wild side when Dad is doing his daily prayers.At once the camaraderie among Jacqueline, Lisa Haydon and Nargis Fakhri is visible in every frame that they share .These girls are not faking the fun. They’s feeling it.

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Then there are the three heroes Teddy(Riteish Deshmukh) who plays blind,Bunty(Abhishek Bachchan) who plays mute and Sandy/Sundy(Akshay) who plays paraplegic. “Kya chal raha hai?” Boman asks the wheel-chair bound Akshay chattily.

Yes, this  is a film that spares none. It takes a snipe at every community of people with equal equanimity.

There are loads of industry-related  inhouse jokes . When Abhishek wonders what the other two heroes are up to, his co-star Nargis Fakhri reminds him he is the late entrant in theHousefull franchise.

At one point Abhishek is seen snuggling up to a wax statute of his dad and then he plays dumb charade of Bachchan Saab’s “I  can walk English Talk English …” . Elsewhere Ritesh Deshmukh in a wax museum points out to his girl Lisa Haydon how all the bigBollywood stars are married. He then looks at [tooltip id=”88b6af99531f838ed90aed058b7d870a”][tooltip id=”c1b465420d07c688942ed18eadfd9f92″ keyword_color=”#000000″ background_color=”#ffffff”][tooltip id=”4db8f5608d45f5de7881d9bce162f4bf”]Salman Khan[/tooltip][/tooltip][/tooltip]’s statue and adds , “Barring one.”

It’s all very crisply written, handsomely mounted and the cast seems to be having ball, specially Akshay  Kumar whose  ‘split personality’ avatar leers at Jacqueline, “Jack…lean on me.”

I hope she knows he was  “only a-joking”

Yes, Chunky Pandey’s catch-line from the first Housefull film also makes a guest appearance in the 2-minute trailer.

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This has got to be the most eventful trailer in recent times, filled with chuckles and giggles, it keeps you smiling all through.[tooltip type=”box” html=”Input Your Content Here” box_background_color=”#eeeeee” box_opacity=”0.95″ box_padding=”10″ box_border_color=”#3F3F3F” box_border_width=”1″ box_border_radius=”0″ id=”88b6af99531f838ed90aed058b7d870a” /][tooltip type=”box” html=”Salman Khan Bollywood Actor” box_background_color=”#eeeeee” box_opacity=”0.95″ box_padding=”10″ box_border_color=”#3F3F3F” box_border_width=”1″ box_border_radius=”0″ id=”c1b465420d07c688942ed18eadfd9f92″ /]

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