Ali Fazal-Zarine Khan Steam Up Old Bappi Lahiri Song

When Kishore Kumar sang Pyaar maanga hai  tumhi se in a 1978 film called College Girl little did he know that one day Ali Fazal and Zarine Khan would be steaming up the lenses  with their torrid kisses to this tune.

The new version of the old Bappi song, remixed by Abhijeet Vaghani is shockingly explicit for a music video. It has any number of torrid liplocks between the lead pair and also a love-making scene at the end.

And we thought music videos of evergreen film hits  were supposed to be fun and nostalgic!

Ali defends the erotic content  of the video arguing. “It’s not vulgar at least. It’s not like the sex comedies which turn intimacy into a joke.They need cupping and sleazy punch lines to eroticise it. and somehow make people imagine love-making in twisted ways.”

Explains Ali, “This song is a day in a life of a newly married couple who indulge in PDA . Many couples do this these days. Why do we shy away from accepting it? Just take a stroll  to Bandstand and its all there happening .Or  many other places .”

And Ali doesn’t think it’s un-Indian to indulge in PDA. “I am not aping the West here. And there is nothing suggestive  about the song.It’s all upfront  and matter of fact.Yes  the story-line in the video misses out on acting .I’ll be honest.It’s a road we took.”

Not that Ali believes in getting steamy in public. “In my personal life I am the total opposite. But I don’t want people to  cringe  when they see our video. Beyonce’s or Katy Perry’s videos become a rage here, even Kanya West. But anything that we do with some erotic content is scrutinized to death.”

As an afterthought Ali adds, “Actually we haven’t even taken our clothes off in the entire song ,right till the last 45 seconds.And then we make love like any normal couple.”


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