Ali Fazal’s ‘Leaked’ Nude Photos? Publicity For Milan Talkies?


A baffling   video  featuring Ali Fazal  appeared on the  social media  on  Monday morning.  It features  the  distressed-looking actor telling the world that his  nude pictures  have been  leaked  on  the internet,that  they are indeed  him and not an impersonator. Ironically Ali ends the  post  by imploring his  fans to respect  his  privacy.

 The entire  exercise  smells  of publicity for Ali Fazal’s  next release  the ill-fated  Milan Talkies which  was tossed for years from one actor(Imran  Khan) to another(Shahid Kapoor) until it finally landed in Fazal’s  lap. Since  its completion  the  film’s  makers  and directorTigmanshu Dhulia  have been desperately trying to create  some  buzz around  their product.

 But to no avail.

A  friend of Ali Fazal debunks  the  conspiracy theory. “He has  not mentioned any leaked  nudes to us. Even if there was such  leaks, by talking about them you are only attracting more attention to what you  claim to be a breach of your privacy. The minute Ali says his nude pictures have been leaked, people will try to find them online. That seems to be the strategy to  create some interest in his  new  film.There are  nudes of Fazal on the  net. So , relax.”Sad that an  good actor like Ali Fazal has  to resort  to  cheap gimmicks to get noticed.            

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