“Alia  Bhatt Is Going To Get Really Hurt By Ranbir Kapoor”

She is young   vulnerable and eager  to explore life. He loves the clink  of a conquest. AliaBhatt and Ranbir Kapoor are said to be the new pair in tinsel town . As they are working together in Ayan Mukerjee’s super-hero spectacle Bhahmastra for the next one year, tongues are already wagging big-time  about their growing mutual fondness.

“They are both single  at the moment. He had a long relationship with Katrina Kaif ,then  a brief growing friendship with Mahira Khan. Now he was pausing for a relationship-breather. But Alia’s presence  has kind of rattled him. She  is just getting over heartbreak withSiddharth Malhotra and  in a very vulnerable  emotional state. There is definitely a friendship brewing between then,” says a  source close to Karan  Johar.

 Karan incidentally is not only the producer  of  Brahmastra, he is also Alia’s mentor and guide and very close to Ranbir as well. The director Ayan Mukerjee is  not only Ranbir’s best friend but also his ally and support through his last lingering relationship with Katrina Kaif.

 The atmosphere is therefore conducive to a relationship. One  hopes for Alia’s sake that  the rumours of  a growing fondness between  the two are  only rumours.

As  someone who knows Ranbir in and  out comments, “The  guy is an epitome of heartbreak. He has wooed won loved and dumped  every  woman he has  been involved with.  Deepika Padukone and Katrina  Kaif were willing to set aside their careers  to set  up a home  with Ranbir. He simply  moved on…Now it’s Alia.If she is really getting close to him she’s looking for  trouble.She  is  going to get hurt really badly.”

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