Alia Bhatt: “I Am Learning Telugu From Scratch”

The phenomenally talented and popular Alia Bhatt is on to the biggest challenge of her life. Learning Telugu for S S rajamouli’s RRR.

She’s taking Telugu classes from a private every day.

Alia is confident she’s up to the challenge. “It is a challenge,yes. I can’t deny that.Telugu is really a tough language to learn. But it’s a very expressive language. I want to understand the nuances of the language , why certain words are pronounced the way they are, and what they convey. Only then will I be able to express my character’s feelings.”

Alia is putting her soul and then some more, into getting the Telugu right. “Believe me, these days an achievement for me is when I can learn and say a whole line in Telugu.”

Speaking on being offered a role by the mighty Rajamouli Alia says, “Saying yes to the offer was a no-brainer. When I started my career as a leading lady there were three filmmakers I really wanted to work with. I got launched by one of them(Karan Johar) and now I’m working with the other two Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Rajamouli.”

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