Alia Bhatt  On Protecting Her Privacy


Lately there has been a lot of speculation on Alia Bhatt’s relationship status. Is she seeing Siddharth Malhotraor not?

When I asked her how  a normal  23-year old girl deals with the sudden lack of privacy, Alia had this to say:  “You  have to remember I grew up in a family with a famous father(filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt)  who is always in the news. So I’ve seen recognition and media attention from childhood.”

Alis admits to being habituated to media attention. “In the three years that I’ve been around I’ve pretty much gotten used to it. It almost feels normal now.And let me tell you, I’d miss the attention if I didn’t get it.”

But how does she deal with the violation of her  private space? “By not talking  about my private life at all. I realize this is the time in my life when everyone wants to know what is happening in my life. Even on the social media I think I manage to create a certain balance between going public and staying private.”

Though  she is an Instagram regular Alia is not into letting her friends and fans into her private space. “I am not into tweeting about going to the bathroom.Sorry,that’s not me.I do have places in my life that I want to guard against public exposure.And I’ll guard those places fiercely. I am an actor. But I am  a human being first.”

Dealing with the paparazzi at the airport and at restaurants is tougher. “It does get frustrating when I can’t go to certain places with my friends, or when I am suddenly asked awkward questions by the paparazzi while I am out with my  family.But these are minor irritants  .Because at the end of it all I am limelight moth. I  enjoy all the attention.I’ve craved it from my childhood.Now when I am getting attention I can’t disown it.”

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