Alia Bhatt Puts Heart Before Career?


Both  professionally and  personally , Alia  Bhatt is in  a very happy space  this year. While her  relationship with Ranbir Kapoor shows  every sign of fructifying into permanency, on the professional  front, Alia scored a very  big  triumph with Meghna Gulzar’s Raazi, which was her second film with a female director after Gauri Shinde’s  Love Zindagi.B

“My  third actually,” Alia corrects me.  “As a  child I had worked with Tanuja Chandra. I played the  young version  of Preity Zinta in Tanuja’s Sungharsh. But  why are we differentiating  men directors  from women? The gender  doesn’t matter. It’s the work that counts.”

 Point taken. And work-wise Alia is in the best space  possible. Though one wonders  if she  is  not giving  too much time to  Ayan  Mukerjee’s  super-hero film Bramhastra . Apparently almost the  entire 2019  will go into shooting and  releasing  Bhamhastra. This sounds  like  a very scrambled career plan, although it does give Alia  a chance  to spend optimum  time with her Significant Other  Ranbir  Kapoor.

If this  is  true then  it is  indeed an alarming  development, and one  that  could have serious  repercussions  on  her career, if Katrina  Kaif’s career gaffe is  anything to go by.

Says a source  close  to the  development, “Alia  wants  to spend as much time  as  possible  with Ranbir, at her career’s cost or  not…we don’t know. Katrina made the  mistake  of putting aside her career  to  be the  fully  committed girlfriend  to Ranbir  Kapoor. She is still paying the  price for her  misplaced priorities. We hope Alia doesn’t make  the same mistake.”

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