Alia Bhatt: “We Are Safe In Patiala”

Alia Bhatt and  the crew of Meghna Gulzar’ Raazi are in Patialia shooting a portion  of the film.

However this weekend all hell broke loose in many parts  of Delhi and Punjab including Punjab after the rape conviction of  a selfstyled godman.

The shooting had to be cancelled for the safety  of the  crew.

When I got in touch with Alia Bhatt in Patiala she replied, “We are all safe here. The shooting got postponed by a  few days because there is  a curfew here.There is no stress.”

Another source from  Raazi crew in Patiala says, “Frankly the situation  down here is quite volatile. We’re all staying within the hotel until the crisis is diffused. Everyone is worried. Gulzar Saab has been inquiring anxiously not just for his daughter(director MeghnaGulzar) but the entire  unit.”

After the Patiala portion is done the Raazi  crew would be flying to Kashmir where a  major part  of the  film is  to be shot.

“That won’t be easy shooting either. I guess we are looking at some challenging locations for our film.Alia is up to every challenge.Her concentration and  focus have to be seen  to be believed,” says  a prominent crew member.

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