Alia Bhatt Turns Producer, And Here’s What She Calls Her Production House

Solving  the mystery   of  the new property that Alia Bhatt is reported  to have bought she  says, “They  got the report of me buying new property right. But unfortunately  they  got all  the  other details  wrong. Firstly the property is  not away from my  current home. It is an apartment in the same  building where I live  now.”

Alia says  she can never dream  of moving out  of her  current home.  “Firstly, I bought this  home where  I  live  very close to my parent’s home so that I could be close to my parents and  sister. I wouldn’t like that to change.  Secondly, I built my home brick by brick all my own. Every piece  of furniture  in the house  every  knickknack is selected  personally by me. This  is where I  live. This is  my home. That won’t change.”

So  is the new apartment a  “love nest” for Alia  and Ranbir Kapoor?

Alia laughs, “Nothing of the sort.It is a place I’ve bought as  my  office space. Yes, I’ve started my  own production house.I’ve named it  Eternal Sunshine  Productions. Do  you like  it?”

Very much so, I tell her. After all every time  Alia comes on  screen  the frame  lights up.

She  laughs, “Thank you.I am yet to formulate  solid production plans. But we have a team working on it. I can tell you this. I’ll produce  the kind of  films that I like watching.”

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