Alia’s Yes To Meghna , Thanks To Karan Johar

For months now , Alia who seems to go from strength to strength  in no time at all, was  in a dilemma about doing Meghna Gulzar’s Raazi.

Says a source close to the project, “Alia who is constantly stretching herself as an actor keenly wanted to work with Meghna Gulzar. But she was not sure she could pull off the role of this fiercely patriotic Indian Kashmiri who marries a Pakistani army officer(to be played by Vicky Kaushal) in order to serve as a spy for her country.Alia felt she was too young and inexperienced and politically unschooled  to play this complex part.”

It was her “second father” Karan Johar who convinced her  to take the plunge, and too because Karan’s Dragon, other production with Alia directed by Ayan Mukerjee got delayed.

Says the source, “When Alia protested that she knew nothing about life and politics in Kashmir Karan reminded Alia that she knew nothing about  how poverty-stricken Bihari woman existed when she took up Udta Punjab.Karan not only persuaded Alia to take up the challenge, he also agreed to produce the film for Meghna Gulzar so that Alia would be  comfortable in the set-up. For the longest time Karan wanted to work with Gulzar Saab. That didn’t happen. Working with Gulzar Saab’s daughter was another entry on Karan’s wishlist.Bringing Alia andMeghna Gulzar together was a big thing for Karan.”

There is  another reason why Karan must be thanked for Alia being in what promises to be another landmark film in her career.

Says the source, “There was no way Alia could’ve done another film this year if Karan Johar’s production of Dragon was not delayed. When Dragon was put on hold Karan not only suggested that Alia take up MeghnaGulzar’s film  he even stepped in to co-produce.”

Wah, surrogate- baap ho to aisa.

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