Amit Sharma , The Badhaai Ho Director Finally Speaks Up On The Writers’ Row

Jyoti Kapoor claims she deserves credit for writing the script of Badhaai Ho?

Badhaai Ho! , the film that came out in October 2018, was written by Akshat and Shantanu, Ms. Jyoti Kapor had nothing to do with the story or the script that transcribed to the motion picture that was loved by the audiences.

Why haven’t you clarified the issue so far?

Whats appalling is that nobody has approached me aksing for clarifications . A director would be aware who wrote the film he is directing. I havent met Ms. Jyoti till date nor have I ever read the script of Hum do Humare Char which she claims has resemblance to Badhaai Ho. Jyoti had the same one-line idea which i was unaware of till I got to know the same from my producers Junglee pictures.

Now that Ms Kapoor has made her claims over the writing what according to you is the solution to the deadlock?

I have known Akshat and Shantanu since their froming years, they have been true to the art and dilligent with their work but never have they been cheats. Filmfare is one of the biggest platforms that gives recongnition to artists from the Indian Film Industry and makes them a household name. If Ms. Jyoti has truly contributed to the script of Badhaai ho, i request her to come out in the open with her script, and end this confusion once and for all.

Tell me a bit about the genesis of the Badhaai Ho script?

Akshat one of the writers on Badhaai Ho!, came up with this idea way back in 2012, for an ad campaign. He narrated the idea to me and we started work on the same. This was in 2015. Soon after when Priti got to know i was working on a similar idea, we met and she heard our story, she loved it so much that she said we should continue developing it. Akshat and Shantanu started developing the story which became Badhaai Ho!

So are you saying Jyoti Kapoor had nothing whatsoever to do with their script of Badhaai Ho?

I am not insinuating anything here neither am I leaving anything for the grey region, or for odd assumptions. The story was developed by only Akshat and Shantanu keeping Junglee in the loop. Ms. Jyoti nor her version of the story were ever responsible for what became Badhaai Ho!.

Our producer Priti Shahane spoke to Akshat and Shantanu and in good faith, they agreed upon giving Ms. Jyoti Kapoor the credit, for “Story for Junglee pictures”, as you can see it appear not with the main writers but towards the end of the credit roll.

Now Akshat and Shantanu have decided to withdraw their names from the Filmfare nominations?

I am saddened to hear that two hardworking individuals will be missing out on something they really worked hard towards. I wish Ms. Jyoti Kapoor all the luck, and success for her forthcoming projects.

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