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Amit Sharma Wins 19 National & International Awards



Amit Sharma

Badhai Ho  director  Amit Sharma  has a  lot to be  thankful for.

 During the past one  year  he has won 19  Indian and  international  awards  for excellence in ad  filmmaking.

And there are many more to come.

Amit Sharma whose feature film Badhai Ho  was a game-changer among  mainstream Bollywood  entertainers  says he is  confused  about his  identity. “Am I a feature  filmmaker  or an ad filmmaker? What is my calling card? I enjoy making both  kinds of films equally. Last year I made two major  ad films for Dove  soap and Facebook. Both have got me  any number  of  awards  both locally and internationally.”

Like R Balki before him, Amit  comes from  the world  of commercials  into cimema.

It isn’t an  easy transition. “People  think ads are comparatively  easy to make. The truth is ads  are more difficult than  feature film. In a few minutes  you have  to tell your story in an ad.”

Interestingly  Amit’s  Badhai Ho also  won multiple awards , popular and National awards . He is now working on a sports  film.

“I hope Maidaan will be liked as  much as Badhai Ho. I am equally proud  of  my ads  and feature  films,” says Amit.

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