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Amitabh Bachchan, Neerja Birla Converse On Mental Health



Amitabh Bachchan, Neerja Birla Converse On Mental Health 4

 Suno Dekho Kaho is  the noble campaign  to deal with mental illness.And   the  extremely  perceptive revealing and engaging conversation on mental  health between mega-star AmitabhBachchan and eminent  philanthropist Neera Birla, now out on YouTube,is  a part  of NeerjaBirla’s  endeavour to create  awareness on  mental illness through her organization MPower.

In the  outstanding  33-minute conversation, the two  powerful  celebrities with voices that carry weight  discuss nearly every  aspect  of mental health including the impact it has  on the physical and mental health of the  caregiver and the  stigma attached  to mental  health and how it can be eliminated.  Mr Bachchan  suggests  a graceful word  for mental illness such as ‘Vikaalta’  or ‘Adheer’  . Uncannily, though this conversation  was recorded before Sushant Singh Rajput’s demise  , Mr Bachchan talks about how drugs and  alcohol  could be a smokescreen  for  acute depression.

Taking cognizance of the rising issues surrounding mental wellness in  the country, MpowerFounder and Chairperson Mrs Neerja Birla and Bollywood Icon Shri Amitabh  Bachchan have come together to address these concerns. In the freewheeling conversation, which was  released as a video on Mpower’s YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram pages, the two leaders  touched upon the harsh realities of mental health, the challenges people face because of it, and steps  society can take to handle the situation with compassion. In order to give viewers valid responses, the  conversation elucidated the differences between irrational fears and anxiety, and how one should  handle the former, before it prevents them from carrying out routine tasks. 

Mrs. Birla and Mr. Bachchan spoke about the importance of education, in  helping identify, and understand the symptoms of mental illness. From school children to corporate  professionals, from artists to politicians, it is never easy to understand what one might be going  through, beneath the surface. The conversation approached the topic by talking about the stigma  associated with ‘opening up’, and stressed upon the heightened need for awareness, especially among  those who are prone to physical and substance abuse, leading to deteriorating mental health. 

As the conversation progressed, they also sought to dispel common myths around mental health, the  most pertinent being that it is unaffordable, which prevents people from seeking the help that they  need. Mrs. Birla spoke about how, over the course of Mpower’s journey, they have counselled a wide cross section of society, so as to not deny anyone the chance to live with respect and dignity.  

Speaking about the association with Mr. Bachchan, Mrs. Neerja Birla, Founder & Chairperson,  Mpower, said, “Mr. Bachchan has been long associated with creating awareness on a variety of health  issues that we Indians need to combat in our lives. Hence, we approached him if he could lend his  support to amplify the conversations on a taboo topic like mental health. He graciously agreed to the cause. We are happy to collaborate with Mr. Bachchan for this campaign, which decodes the  importance of mental well-being. It’s an honour to have a legend like him to discuss a topic which is  sensitive and deep-rooted concern in our society. A powerful voice like his will help us highlight the issue  of mental health, which is the need of the hour. Amidst the challenging and competitive era that we  are living in, it is extremely important to discuss mental health and bring it to the spotlight. With  #SunoDekhoKaho, we aim to educate the citizens and make them aware of accessibility of mental  health services in India. We truly hope with Mr. Bachchanaddressing a wider audience through this  communication, we will gradually be able to eliminate the stigma associated with mental health.”2 attachmentsA58I0948.JPG  ·  PrintA58I0994.JPG  ·  Print

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