Amitabh Bachchan on Waqt Ne Kya Haseen Situm


The world and its favourite deejay are raving over Amitabh Bachchan’s incredible  rendering of the Geeta Dutt classic Waqt ne  kiyakya haseen situm  in  the new release 102 Not Out originally from the  1957  Guru Dutt classic Kaagaz  Ke Phool.

Mr B provides a  jazzy bluesy interpretation  to this timeless S D Burman  composition.

 Speaking  to me on  the genesis of  the song Mr Bachchan  says,  “The  music company Saregama said that they needed at least four songs for the album to be complete, and there were only three.So they asked if I could sing Waqt ne kiya  for them to put in the album to make the list of four songs for the album .Since this  song  has a  reference in the film too  I agreed and did it .We are now using this as a promotional for the film.”

  Mr Bachchan admits he  is  a huge fan  of  the original film and  the  song. “Guru Dutt was a genius . I loved his work and  KaagazKe Phool  has been an eternal favourite of mine .The story the music,  the moments,  the presentation was so incredibly unique and aesthetic and moving .This song in particular of unrelenting love, unsaid and silent .. .its picturization was iconic …the lighting the mood the feel , simply ethereal .”

Plus , Mr B admits there  the other USP associated with this song.  “It was  filmed on  Waheedaji, my idol, and the one that I admired even before joining the Industry, it was just perfect.”

Ask him how he carries those intricate  undulating notes of Waqt ne kiya  kya  haseen  situm  so soulfully  at an age when most people  can’t carry a single note and Mr B quips, “The notes I carry are manufactured by the very efficient Auto-Tuner machines!!”

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