Amitabh Bachchan Says He’s Adamant No 75th Birthday Celebration

While family friends and fans are determined to  celebrate  the mighty Bachchan’s 75th  birthday on 11 October with suitable fanfare, the cynosure of all eyes remains insistent there won’t be any birthday celebration  or media interaction.

When I  contacted him this is what he had to say: “Such a waste  of time and unnecessary  fuss over my 75 years.”

Mr Bachchan is  not only against all celebration on his 75th birthday he  is also not doing any media interaction this year.

We asked someone very close to him why the Big B is averse to celebrating his birthday when every year he sportingly indulges all his fans, friends , family and  journalists.

Says the member  of the Bachchan parivar, “With all that  is happening around us, the killings the scams the scandals and  controversies he has lost the will to celebrate anything, let alone his birthday. We will have a very low key Diwali celebration too this year.”

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