Amitabh Bachchan’s Demand For A Bonus Is Not A Joke

Netizens are busy speculating how far Mr Bachchan was bantering with Shah Rukh Khan when he tweeted about a bonus over his salary after the success of Badlaa, the hit suspense thriller starring Mr B produced by Shah Rukh Khan’s production house Red Chillies.

But those close to the Bachchan say he was not joking.

“Bachchan Saab seriously feels he’s underpaid.And when a film like Badlaa which relies completely on his charisma and talent, becomes a huge success, he feels he has the right to be paid an extra amount over and above his basic fee,” says a source very close to Mr Bachchan.

It is not an uncommon practice among large production houses to share their profits with their cast and crew, though it is not mandatory for them to to do so. It remains to be seen if Shah Rukh Khan will take the broad hint of surplus payment that Mr Bachchan has thrown his way. Or would Shah Rukh treat is as a joke as it would suit him to do so?

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