Amrita Singh: Sunny Deol Has Not Approached Me For Any Film With His Son & My Daughter


Amrita Singh who is currently being seen stealing the thunder  and the lightening as super-hero Tiger Shroff’s super-spunky mother in A Flying Jatt is aghast to read reports of her old buddy and favourite co-star Sunny Deol approaching her for a film with her daughter Sara.

In London to settle her son Ibrahim at his educational institution Amrita called  to clarify, “First of all , let me say this. I would never ever say no to Sunny. He and I go back a very very long way. We not only made our debut together in Betaab we practically grew up together. Sunny’s family and I are so close it would be inconceivable for me to say no to him for anything.I love Sunny’s son Karan like my own son.”

Amrita then goes on to clear the air about this supposed project featuring her daughter and Sunny Deol’s son. “Sunny has not approached me for any film with his son and my daughter. Not Betaab 2 , not Betaab Remixed, or whatever. This is purely a figment of someone’s imagination.”

Speaking fondly of her association with Sunny Amrita says, “I started my career with Betaab. I was so young and immature. We were so awkward singing Jab hum jawan honge jaane kahaan honge.Mash Allah, aajhamare bachche jawaan ho gaye(our children have grown up). They are getting ready to embark on their careers. Let’s not spoil their dreams by cooking up unsavoury controversies.”

Having the last word on the Sara-Karan jodi,Amrita says, “I’d love for them to work together. God willing, they will work together one day. But for now there is no talk of any project with them together.”

So is Sara going to make her debut in Karan Johar’s production?

Taking a deep breath Amrita says, “Look, Sara has not signed anything yet. Until it is finalized and put on paper it would be premature of me to make any statement on this.”

Amrita happily talks about her role in Flying Jatt. “Are audiences liking the film? I am in London so I am missing out on the excitement.I hope the film’s works for Tiger’s sake. His dad Jackie Shroff is my buddy forever. Jaggu and I go back a long way. Tiger is also like my bachcha.”

When I inform Amrita of critics panning Flying Jatt she shrugs off the criticism. “We always knew Flying Jattwas not  for the highbrow critics or for the multiplexes. This is a single theatre, , seetee-maar, taali-thok paisawasool film.”

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