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One-upmanship between Ranveer Singh, Shahid Kapoor has Padmavati team in splits!



It’s by now a known fact that Ranveer Singh and Shahid Kapoor don’t see eye to eye on the sets of Padmavati. In fact so steep is the rivalry-level between the two that they are constantly said to be spying on one another’s activities  connected to the film’s publicity.

So when Shahid who is constantly  under the fear of being over-shadowed as Ranveer has the author-backed role, heard  that Ranveer had put out stories of having gotten into a psychological trauma  playing the evil invader Alluddin Khilji , Shahid immediately got  his team to put out stories  about how deeply he was affected by his role, how he turned  vegetarian, learned sword fencing, etc etc to play Maharaja Rattan Singh.

Says a source in the know, “Shahid got very insecure when he saw the limelight shifting to Ranveer after Ranveer’s team let it leak out that he had to see a psychiatrist to get  out of his diabolic character. But what Shahid doesn’t know is, it’s all a façade. Ranveer didn’t consult any shrink to exorcize  himself  of  the part. These are all method-acting conceits and lies being propagated by Ranveer’s team.”

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