Amy Jackson’s Role  In 2.0 Is A ‘Gust’ Appearance

While we  speak  of  pay parity and equal opportunities  for women in the  film industry, the reality speaks in an  entirely different language.

This, Amy Jackson must have  realized when her  role in Shankar’ s 2: 0 was abbreviated to being briefer than her costumes so much so that team members are calling it a ‘gust’ appearance, like a gust of wind.

Apparently Amy was shown no  script nor told what her role  would be.

“She was only   told she was the great Rajinikanth’s heroine. She  was made  to feel she  should be grateful for the honour and privilege. Since Amy had already done a number  of successful Tamil films she agreed to doing Robot sequel thinking her standing in Tamil cinema would see her through.Also, this was a  big franchise.And  the heroine in the  first part  ofRobot(Aishwarya Rai) pretty much had plenty to do,” says a  source.

Once on  board  Amy realized the entire script revolves around Rajinikanth and  Akshay Kumar. Left high and dry she attempted to do her best with her  limited role.Apparently her presence is so meager that the 2:0 producers  have asked her  to keep out of the marketing and publicity.

A crew member of  2: 0  smirks, “What did Amy expect with Rajini Sir and Akshay around? An  author-backed role? She  got into it with  her eyes open, knowing fully well the two main actors hog the  limelight.She has no reason to feel cheated.”

Not that Amy is planning to crib. Marna hai kya?!

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