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An Open Letter To Birthday Boy Taimur Ali Khan



Dear  Little Taimur,

Three years of relentless  attention,  and you  still continue to wave and smile at the paparazzi. You are  indeed  a very special child. So  special that  you must stop being treated special .

Does that make sense? Someday, you will  understand what it means  to be so special that you are not constantly  reminded  of your specialness.I think your gorgeous grandmother…no, not that one the  other one…Sharmila Tagoreji  understand  the perils of  the preposterously premature paparazzi  attention better  than anyone in  your family. She  said , some day you will  be able to understand what you went through when you were a small child.

What will you make  of all this crazy attention when  you are old enough to process it?

It is  something that we  will know when we will know .In the meanwhile  those around  you will constantly remind  you of how special you are on this special day.Sorry Rekha. Not she. You, Taimur  are  the  chosen one. There are so many other  superstar-kids  born  to  exceptional celebrity parents in  Bollywood. Why don’t they  get the attention that  you do?

 Come to think  of it, the unreasonable  attention  at your tender age need not  be a bad thing. How many celebrity children  can claim they  were superstars when we were toddlers? Not even Shirley Temple and  Macaulay Culkin. The  big minus to this  blessed life of adulation birth is the lack of normalcy  in your life. 

On your  birthday I wish you a day free of  media attention. I  wish you  would  have a normal birthday with cakes,candles, balloons and  family. But I  am sure it won’t happen. The  photographers will line up from  early  in  the morning.They will follow you everywhere . Portals  will  write about your clothes, shoes, accessories….

As  you turn 3  I can only wish and pray for  the  attention to shift from  you to another star kid. Maybe Anushka Aunty and  Virat Uncle will help you with this  problem. Maybe you can put in a  request? Until that happens, you can  only do what  you are doing.Enjoy being the  biggest Khan superstar  of the country.And  grow up , fast.Akshay Kumar wants to do a  two-hero film with you.

I never heard him say that  about his son. That does mean something, doesn’t it?

Happy Birthday, Taimur. I hope the photographers will at least let  you have your cake and eat it too.

Lots of love and  best wishes

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