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An Open Letter To The Departed Sandeep Nahar



An Open Letter To The Departed Sandeep Nahar 10

Dear Sandeep,

I didn’t know you.  I wish I did. I would have helped you get  work. I’d have  offered whatever financial and  emotional support you needed. Because you see Sandeep, I don’t belong to this callous brutally self-serving entertainment  industry where you are  recognized, befriended, honoured  and  pampered  only when you are  successful.

This is  an industry where  barely  a few days after the youngest  son of an illustrious film family dies suddenly, his  elder brother celebrates his  birthday and  also brazenly posts pictures  on  the social media.

If  they don’t care for their  brother why would they care for you? The fact is, you are  better off where  you are rather than being treated  like a refugee in a shamelessly clannish industry powered  by a handful of moneyed  producers  who continue  to give the 10-12  A-lister  stars  the money that they demand.

The  video that  you  posted hours  before  your death is a chilling testimony to your psychological trauma. Why didn’t anyone from the  film industry take swift remedial action  to save your life? So many of them  are  so active posting pictures of  themselves in  the gym, kitchen,loo, etc. Where were they when  you reached out with your anguished  plea for help?

Recently a television  actress who  survived  a murderous  attack has spoken of the  help promised from  an industry bigwig who loves to be wherever the news is.

Last year when  another actor ended  his life, his “friends” crawled  out  of  the woodwork claiming to know the sensational  truth about his death. In your case there will be no screaming bouts  on  news channels. You were not famous enough to warrant a   slew of  sudden mourners.

Sandeep, I’ve seen  your work. You were more talented than many of  the presentday stars who  wear  their daddy’s shoes and  pretend to be  actors. The tragedy of  your death  is the tragedy that’s  killing our  film industry. They   don’t value talent. They value success.And success comes  from opportunities.And those opportunities  go only to the privileged youngsters who know  how to stay in the news.

Stay at peace.And  pray that  you not re-born as as  fringe player in the  Bollywood circus.


Subhash K Jha

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