Anaarkali Of Aarah Producer Gets Court Order Againt Piracy


In a  historic move, Sandiip Kapoor the producer of the forthcoming Anaarkali Of Aarah has obtained  a restraining order from the Chennai courts to ensure that his film is not leaked on the internet.

This means an action against 36 ISPs plus over 1800 torrent and other piracy sites covering more than 95 per cent of the piracy spectrum, if any portion of  Kapoor’s film is leaked on any internet site .

Sandiip Kapur says, “For independent producers like me, there’s always the risk of film leak and piracy which can jeopardize the entire investment in the film. We have taken restraining order against 36 ISP (Internet Service Providers) and over 1800 non-compliant sites because producers like us have to protect ourselves from film leak and piracy. In fact, this action includes deploying of sophisticated tools to detect any violation and taking down of content within seconds from sites like YouTube, Facebook, Dailymotion etc. The money invested in producing this film is our own money, has not come from any financiers and we have to take all steps to protect our investment.”


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