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And Now, A Film Sushant Singh Rajput? You’ve Got To Be  Kidding!

Exploitative  entrepreneurship  hit a new low with a producer  announcing  film on  the all-too-brief  life of Sushant Singh Rajput.

The  film apparently  to be entitled  Suicide Or Murder : A Star Was Lost is  to be  produced  Vijay Shekhar Gupta  and directed  by Shamik Maulik(formerly  of the Zee Network).

Gupta threatens  to  “expose” the industry  in  his film. But one wonders  who really stands  exposed when a film is  announced on  the tragedy  just three days  after an actor commits suicide.

According sources,  Sushant’s family is not aware  of these overnight  plans to make   film on  his life  and  if such a film was  to be  made then  consent  from the family would have to be obtained.

Chances are, all  talk related to a film on Sushant will die a quiet death  once his fans  settle down with their grief.

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