Andhra’s Indian Idol Winner Revanth Wants To Learn Hindi

L V. Revanth  the young Indian Idol of Season 9 winner, knows no Hindi. Yet,he is all set to conquer Bollywood .

Hours after winning Revanth sighs, “It’s all like  a dream. I don’t want to talk about my struggles. In fact when my elder brother spoke about it on the show on Sunday night I was embarrassed. Everyone  goes through their own share of struggle. Nothing unique mine,” says the level-headed singer who has mastered Sanskrit in school.

“I went to Vedic school and we were taught Sanskrit. It helped me understand Carnatic Sangeet , and classical vocals. But I’m not a trained singer. I’ve learnt only by listening to the great playback singers,” says Revanth , raring to make it big in Bollywood .

Interestingly he is already an established singer in Telugu cinema.  “I’ve sung nearly 200 songs in Telugu. My most popular number is inBaahubali. It surprises people when I tell them I chose to be a contestant on Indian Idol  after  being an established singer in AndhraPradesh. But you see I spend 4 months of every year travelling and singing at live concerts. I mostly sing Telugu songs. I realized how much I could expand my audience-base if I sang Hindi songs. That’s why I am here.”

Revanth, still disbelieving that he actually won, wants to thank all the people who made this  triumph possible for him.  “I don’t know what the future holds for me. But I want to make my family proud.  It was the proudest moment of my life when the God of cricket SachinTendulkar Saab gave me my trophy. I  don’t think any Indian Idol winner has had that privilege.”

Not even Arijit Singh, the first Indian Idol winner now an established playback singer in Bollywood .

Revanth confesses he is a fan. “Arijit Singh is a role model among contemporary Bollywood singers.  I also look up to Kishore KumarSaab and Shankar Mahadevan ji. I hope to imbibe some of their versatility.”

Revanth has already sung a song in Hindi. “It’s for the show SabseBada Kalaakar and it’s a  beginning. But I have a long way  to go. The first thing I need to do is to learn Hindi. I want to get myself  a good Hindi teacher right away.”

He will divide his time between Mumbai and Hyderabad. “My roots are in Telugu cinema. I never want to let go of my roots.”

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