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Anees Bazmi Blasted By Comedian Sunil Pal, Responds Exclusively



Mubarakan director Anees Bazmi woke up on Tuesday to a nasty video from comedian Sunil Pal who claimed Anees had duped him of a substantial amount of cash, and also refused to live up to the promise of giving him a role.

Anees was reluctant to react. “This is exactly what this man wants me to do.Normally I wouldn’t respond. I’ve been bombarded with calls and messages asking  to react to this Sunil Pal’s nasty allegations. I will just clarify to  you  what happened. Sunil Pal is among the numerous hopefuls who come to my office every day for work. And yes, he’s right I did tell him I’ll find him something in one   of  my films.He seemed desperate and I felt sorry for him. However there was no scope of Sunil in Mubarakan. Now of course there is no  question of working with a  trouble-maker and a publicity seeker .”

About Sunil Pal’s allegation that  he was  not paid for a show that he did for Anees, the director fumes, “Mera uss show se koi lene dena nahin  hai. I was asked by one of my team  members  and associates Mayur Barot if Sunil Pal would perform in  a birthday party. I directed Sunil Pal to Mayur’s requirements and my role in  the matter ended there. The next thing I knew I started getting calls from Sunil Pal saying he hadn’t been paid. I did call Mayur and ask him about Sunil Pal’s payment.What Mayur told me shocked me. He says Sunil got drunk  at the event. Since he didn’t perform at the function why should he be paid? For me the matter ended there. But Sunil Pal continue to harass me with calls  about his money threatening to go legal if  I don’t pay up.”

Anees is hard pressed to understand why he’s expected to pay the comedian.

“Without meaning to sound immodest, let me confess I give away much more to charity than what Sunil Pal claims is owed to him. Giving him the money that he would have rightfully got for his performance is no problem. But I am nowhere in the picture. So why is Sunil Pal using my name and hurling abuses at me?Just because I am known and the people he was supposed to have performed for  are not known? And why should they pay when Sunil chose to get drunk rather than do his job?”

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