Angela Who?…Hrithik Roshan Suffers Amnesia About Polish Model

But Friends Say,They Are Friends

An interview published in Mumbai on Tuesday morning with a young Polish-Spanish model turned actress, has the actor Hrithik Roshanfuming in retaliation as he claims he doesn’t know the lady at all.

While the  young woman named Angela Krislinski who plays the lead in Puri Jagannath’s new Telugu film Rogue,  claims she stuck up an abiding friendship with  the Roshan star while shooting two ads with him, Hrithik has retaliated by retorting that the lady is lying.

So  who’s telling the truth?

After some probing into the matter I came to know  from reliable  sources that the truth lies somewhere midway between the claims of the two parties.

Says a source, “While it is not correct to say Angela is lying, it is incorrect to say she stuck up a friendship with Hrithik Roshan.  While shooting the ads Hrithik was barely polite to her.But him claiming to not know her at all is far-fetched. For her to claim a  big friendship with Hrithik seems  like a frantic attempt to gain some publicity and find a foothold in Bollywood .”

A  source from the Rogue team describes Angela as “An ambitious go-getter. Her eyes are set on a pan-India success and she’d go to any lengths to get there.”

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