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Angrezi Mem Giorgia Andriani turns into a Punjabi Di Kudi



Angrezi Mem Giorgia Andriani turns into a Punjabi Di Kudi 15

The gorgeous, Giorgia Andriani seems to be learning Punjabi as she uploaded a video on her social media. After the actress was recently seen in the music video “Little Star” flaunting her dance moves alongside Shehbaz Badesha looks like she has got really influenced on learning Punjabi and surprisingly she speaks it very well.

Giorgia Andriani’s Punjabi speaking video on her Instagram is going viral and her fans are going crazy over her Punjabi accent which is super cute. The actress in the video is hilariously discussing her problems in Punjabi where she talks about having a serious issue and not understanding from which state does she belong anymore. Giorgia Andriani is confused whether she is an Italian, a Mumbaikar or a Punjaban by heart as she is loved and accepted by everyone. Giorgia Andriani’s fans have showered a lot of love on her comments by saying “Kini cute soni kuri ❤️ Punjabi kini sohni boldi a ❤️ (Such a cute and lovely girl, She talks Punjabi so nicely)”. Also, her friend Shehbaz Badesha who is himself a Punjabi has commented on her video saying, “Awww lagdi punjab di aa jiss hisaab naal boldi aa❤️” ( Awww you look like you’re from Punjab because of the way you are talking). 

Giorgia Andriani is working quite well on her Punjabi and as we can see her accent has a good grip of the language but the big question is whether she is coming up with an exciting project in which we will get to see the Punjabi side of her, only time will tell us more. 

On the work front, Giorgia Andriani made her debut in the south with the series “Karoline Kamakshi”. The actress Giorgia Andriani was seen with Mika Singh in his music album recreating the evergreen song “Roop Tera Mastana” which got a huge response from the audience, she will be soon starring in the film “Welcome To Bajrangpur” alongside Shreyas Talpade. Giorgia Andriani has more exciting upcoming projects that will be announced soon.

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