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Anil Kapoor Threw A Fit To Get His Own Ek Do Teen



Anil Kapoor Threw A Fit To Get His Own Ek Do Teen 10

This was when N Chandra’s soon-to-release-blockbuster  was being shot.When  Anil Kapoor saw how Saroj Khan’s choreography and Madhuri Dixit’s dancing had  turned  out in the  number Ek do teen, he decided to so something  about it  or the film threatened to slip  completely out of his hands.

 This is where  the  male version  of Ek do teen came in.

Says  a  source  very close  to  the  project, “Yeh gaaana  toh tandem(two version) ttha hi nahin. It was never meant to be in two version. It was written  and composed(by Laxmikant-Pyarelal)  only  for  Madhuri Dixit. But when Anil Kapoor  saw  the rushes he knew that song and dance was going to  be the USP  of Tezaab. So  he  persuaded his friend director N Chandra to record and  shoot a  male version  of  Ek do teen on  him.”

 That’s how  singer Amit Kumar’s Ek do teen came into the picture. The  song was shot on the streets of Mumbai  in Bandra   quite close  to where Shah  Rukh Khan’s resident Mannat is.

But  the streetwise tapori version of  Ek do teen  chaar had no impact  on the audience or in  the music charts.  Audiences went to see Tezaab for Madhuri Dixit dancing to Ek do teen and  it was Alka Yagnik’s version  that  stormed the charts. Anil Kapoor  thought he had done  maths well in Ek do teen. But his calculations failed.

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