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Anoop Jalota Wants Pakistani Artistes To Donate Half Their Earnings To Martyr’s Families



Ghazal and Bhajan singer Anoop Jalota is in no mood to easily forgive or forget the URI massacre.

And he wants  some answers from the artistes from Pakistan working in Bollywood . “Whichever Pakistani wants to work in India has to give an opinion about the Uri massacre, provided he or she  believes like all right-thinking global citizens,  that Pakistan should stop  exporting terrorism to India and the rest of the world.”

This is not the only demand that Jalota who refuses to visit Pakistan, makes from Pakistani’s artistes in Bollywood .

Jalota sets another pre-condition for Paki artistes to work in Bollywood . “One-half of whatever they earn in India will go to the families of  our martyred jawaans.”

Anoop Jalota has refused to visit Pakistan professionally or personally. “I never sang in Pakistan, never did any concerts there as a matter of  policy.”

Anoop  Jalota says he has many opportunities to visit Pakistan which he declined. “I was invited many times and granted the visa which I still have on my passport page. Why should I go and sing for the country where they run factories for creating terror? After those bomb blasts in Mumbai I cancelled all my concerts in India and North America which I was doing with Ghulam Ali Saab. Bal Thackrayji  was very impressed and  always appreciated my policy. My late wife  Medha was also very much against me performing in Pakistan. ”

However,Pakistanis who love Anoop Jalota’s music are most welcome to visit India to  enjoy his music.

Says Anoop, “They(Pakistanis) do  come to India to hear me often.Last year 100 Pakistanis organized my concert in Nagpur and enjoyed my music.But   I have no wish to sing and earn money in Pakistan.”

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