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Another Director To Be Named & Shamed Next?



If sources are to be believed, the next showbiz personality to be pulled up for sexual misdemeanours is a successful director and part-time actor who has been directing a big comedy franchise for one of the biggest producers in Bollywood.

He is up for a massive exposure.

A source names this director as a “serial predator”.

“He doesn’t discriminate in his dealings with actresses. He just falls for all of them. He has a long-standing reputation of predatory behaviour,” says the source.

Interestingly this jovial quick-witted director has a very close relative who is also a very successful director.

The biologically bonded duo is known to be on back-slapping terms with one another although the nature of their biological relationship does not permit such backslapping bonding.

“I’ve seen the two of them exchanging porn clips on their phones, which considering the nature of their relationship is almost incestuous,” says the source.

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