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Anu Malik Back In Business After MeToo accusations



Anu Malik Back In Business After MeToo accusations 13

 On  Wednesday  a shocked  nation and its favourite moral watchdogs woke up to Arjun Kapoor and Parineeti Chopra  dancing to Anu Malik’s  voice in  a  new video  for the upcoming  Yash Raj Film Sandeep & Pinky Faraar.

Malik, disgraced  and  apparently banned by all major production houses , seems to have made a  backdoor entry   into  showbiz.

Shocking, considering Yash Raj had declared zero-tolerance for  workplace harassment. In fact  a senior executive Ashish Patil  was sacked from Yash Raj in October 2018  based on one unsubstantiated  allegation against him  of sexual misconduct.

And now  here is  Anu Malik who has multiple such allegations  against him, making a full-throated  comeback to Yash Raj which had declared  him persona non-grata  after the allegations.

 I tried to get  to  the  bottom of this disgraceful  about-turn and  was  told by someone close to Yash Raj, “You must understand that Sandeep  & Pinky Faraar  was  completed   two years ago when the allegations against Malik were not there. It was  only after the allegations that Yash Raj banned him.”

 Nonetheless  the   return  of  the  disgraced  musician is  disgraceful. As  a shocked  leading lady who has worked with  Yash Raj said to me, “They could’ve dubbed his  voice at  least, if  it was not possible to get all his music and songs out of the film. Hearing him blare everywhere is  a sign of shameless defiance and  re-acceptance  of a singer repeatedly  disgraced.”

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