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Anu Malik Forced To Step Down From Indian Idol



A  letter from the National Commission Of Women has persuaded Sony Entertainment to  relieve  Anu Malik of his services as a  judge on  Indian Idol.

 The  music composer had returned  to the show despite  a hue and cry over  MeToo accusations. But  now it seems Malik has been permanently sacked  from the job that many felt,he  was unsuitable for.

Sources say  several of Anu Malik’s  staunchly supportive  producers including Yash Raj  Film and Sajid Nadiadwala have  taken a  stand in favour of not employing Malik’s services.This  leaves  the  once-popular  composer  virtually  unemployed.

A  source from a   major production house  which  has  worked extensively with Anu Malik in  the  past says,  “It’s not about whether we  believe in his guilt or not. The time is not right for  employing the services  of any MeToo  accused specially someone who has  a number of women  pointing fingers at him.We won’t work with Anu in spite of our  impressive success ratio in the past.”

Tanushree Dutta who  initiated   the MeToo  movement  in  Bollywood feels the movement is entering a  new phase. “The #metoo movement just started its second wave and let’s not jump to conclusions (about  its  decline)  too early.Not too long ago some segments of the media and public had started celebrating the so called demise of it but looks like the #metoo in India is like a stubborn cat with nine lives.Lets see what the Pandoras box reveals this time!! No ones getting away in the long run that much I can assure you,All must account for their actions!!”

When I reached  out to Anu Malik he  refused to comment.

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