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Anubhav, Tapsee Speak On Thappad’s No Cuts From Censor Board



Anubhav, Tapsee Speak On Thappad’s No Cuts From Censor Board 10

 The Central  Board Of Film Certification(CBFC) is  in an exceptionally liberal  mood. They have cleared Anubhav Sinha’s  stark and real film on domestic violence Thappad with  a ‘U’ certificate.

This is  even more liberal than what the  CBFC did to Anubhav Sinha’s previous  film Article 15 which was  given a  ‘UA’ certificate.

Taapsee Pannu is  on  top of  the world. “I’m happy  the censor board,Anubhav Sir and I  are on the same page as to what the young girls and boys need to watch. Because the shaping up of an individual’s personality and  mindset  begins very early in life.”

Says Anubhav, “I’ve never  had any problem with  the censor board. After  Mulk  was passed with only a few minor cuts I sent a  thankyou message  to all the members  of  the  censorboard.I don’t think  too many filmmakers  do that. I went to the censor board thinking  there would be trouble, considering the theme.”

 Before  submitting his  hardhitting political dramas to the  CBFC Anubhav thought of consulting his censor-plagued peer.   “ I even thought  of consulting Anurag Kashyap who  has faced censor troubles repeatedly. Finally  though, I had no trouble  with the censor board at  all.I want to thank them for getting the point.For Article 15 the CBFC asked for just  five very basic negligible  cuts, to  which we agreed  in less than  a minute.The cuts were  for foul  words  and they asked for  a  voiceover with disclaimer, very  reasonable  requests that  I was happy to comply with.This  time for Thappad there was not a  single cut that they wanted. I can’t say I have any  quibbles  with the  CBFC.”

About  children watching  a  film on domestic violence Anubhav Sinha says, “It is important  for young minds to understand that mutual respect in any relationship is  imperative. And to inculcate  that respect you have to  first show the disrespect. Also, don’t forget it’s just one slap in Thappad.”

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