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Anupam Kher In The US For The Last Three Months



Anupam Kher is  in Los Angeles   for three months now ,shooting for  the hit American serial New Amsterdam.

The series which kick-started airing in September 2018  is  now  successful franchise.Anupam  plays one  of  the pivotal characters, of Dr Vijay Kapoor, in  the  medical serial.

Says  Anupam, “We’ve just been given an extension until 2023 , so there is  uninterrupted and prolonged shooting  for  the episodes. I’ve been here(in  the US)  for a long time.I miss home. My mother and my wife Kirron  had  come to visit. But I’m homesick  . There’s so much happening back home that  I’m missing out on.”

Recently  Naseeruddin Shah  made some  uncalled-for disparaging remarks  about  Anupam Kher.But Anupam  is unfazed, “I’ve replied. I’ve said what I had to. I respect him as an co-artiste. I don’t know what made him say what he  did. But I wish him all  the  best.I hope whatever  is troubling him is soon resolved.”

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