Anupam Kher- Manish Paul Play A Family Of Contract Killers In Baa Baa Black Sheep

Debutant director Viswas Paandya has chosen a very unusual comedic subject for his first film Baa Baa Black Sheep which opens next week.

“It’s the story of a  contract killer masquerading as a cashewnut seller, played by Anupam Kher who must now reveal the family business to his son, played by Manish Paul, to carry the bloody legacy forward. The humorous pandemonium that ensues forms the crux of the plot,” says Viswaswhose father Jayendra Pandya was a well-known producer in the 1970s  associated with renowned filmmakers like  Hrishikesh Mukherjee.

 “The world I’ve created in Baa Baa Black Sheep is far removed from the cinema my father was associated with. I grew up on everything from David Dhawan to Guy  Ritchie”  confesses Vishwas. “The world has moved on tremendously in the current millennium. Today’s moviegoers look for stressbusters in their cinematic experience. That’s what we’ve tried to provide in our film.If nothing else audiences should come away with a smile.”

Vishwas’ film gets pitched against a big Yash Raj film Hichki on March 23.The big production house is known to negotiate optimum theatres for their releases.

But Vishwas isn’t perturbed. “We are a small film. And we’re aiming at a  small release. We don’t aspire to be a blockbuster.We only want to entertain.”

The filmmaker is as pleased as hell with his cast, specially Anupam  Kher. “He is like a father figure.I’ve known him for many years. I was, in fact, the Executive Producer on Anupam Sir’s Maine Gandhi Ko Nahin Mara.  Now I got a chance to direct him. Another actor I am proud to have directed in my debut film is Annu Kapoor. Everyone including Manish Paul and Manjari Phadnis has been wonderful. I couldn’t have  hoped for a better start to my career as a director.”

Vishwas’s wife the well-known television actress Prachi Shah,  is not a part of his film’s cast. “She was there to support me  from behind the scenes.”

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